Practical information

What should I wear? We train barefoot, you will need to remove all jewellery and have trimmed nails. For your first classes, loose jogging trousers and a t-shirt will be fine; avoid buckles or zips and any garment that could become dangerously restrictive. If you keep training, you will need to get a traditional white karate style uniform but a robust ju-jitsu uniform is generally more appropriate than a lightweight sports karate one.


Does it hurt? Occasionally it can do, yes, it is a martial art after all. However, training is controlled to minimize the risk of injury and students’ progress gradually. We do not practise uncontrolled, “full-contact”. There is, however, some unavoidable risk in practising any sport.

Are there other training possibilities? There are national and international training events with many experienced Instructors.

Will I be able to grade and receive a coloured belt?  Yes, once a year. 

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